Ultra Foam Gun Car Lover's Package

$139.95 $165.80

Pre-Order Now! ETA 15/11/21

The Car Lovers Package! A perfect kit that covers cleaning your vehicle to drying it. The Ultra Foam Gun is made to connect directly to your garden hose. 

Package Includes:

1 x Ultra Foam Gun

1 x 1L/2L Ultra Foam - Snow Foaming Detergent

1 x Blue/Black Microfibre Wash Mitt

1 x Ultra Drying Towel - 1000 GSM

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gary Westwoood
Fantastic package

A great product, easy to setup, and exactly what I wanted without using a high pressure pump.

Sammy P
Everything I Needed!

Amazing package had everything I needed and all of them work well.
The gun connected to my garden hose easily. I gotta say the drying towel is amazing! Never going back to normal towels again.

Dean W
Awesome Package!

Was looking for something to make my car wash process faster this package was it had everything i needed as I have 2 cars to clean, the foam gun made it so easy to apply the soap attached straight to my garden hose. The drying towel was amazing did both cars easily.

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