Ultra Foam Cannon Starter Package

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Our Ultra Foam Cannon Starter Package to get you on your journey of car care, great beginners pack containing our Ultra Foam Cannon & 1L/2L Ultra Snow Foam Detergent.

Perfect for those who want to have fun washing their car with thick foam or the die hard car enthusiast.

Chemical Wizards Ultra Foam Cannon designed to be used with our Ultra Foam Snow Foaming Detergent for a amazing touchless wash.

Adjustable spray nozzle provides incredible accuracy for delivering the right ratio of air, wash, and water.

Heavy duty container designed with large base for maximum stability.

Volume measure markings on the side of the bottle make it easy to mix optimal desired dilution.

Ideal for pre-wash and/or touchless wash use, especially with heavy dirt and mud, to eliminate the possibility of marring, swirling, or scratching the paint surface.

2 Years Warranty

Customer Reviews

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Great quality gun and shampoo

The gun is great, fitted on easily with the ryobi adapter, nice stable bottle with big mouth makes filling easy. Put the shampoo head-to-head against Meguiars gold class and it’s worth investing in a foam-specific shampoo like this for sure.

Jenny Li
Foam :)

Very good for those who have pressure washers, touchless wash for sure especially I wash my car very often so it’s very convenient

Chris So
Fantastic thick foam

One click and start
Simply and easy. Washing my suv quickly than before
Save my life
Thank for this product
Strongly recommend to have one

Jim Lester
Produces very thick foam

This ultra foam cannon with the detergent produces very thick foam. Softens the dirt on the panels and makes it a lot easier to wash off.

Life Changer!

Never thought cleaning my car would be so fun! Made washing my car so easy. Fun for the kids as well.