Cooper Kleen Fluffy Premium Microfibre Dryer Cloth 1000GSM

$24.95 $29.95

Cooper Kleen Automotive Drying Towel

COOPER KLEEN'S very effective, luxurious, soft and absorbent drying towel that leaves your vehicle gleaming!

  • 40cm x 70cm
  • Fabric density: 1000gsm
  • A splendid blend of 30% polyamide and 70% polyester
  • Machine washable in cold or warm water only
  • Soft and durable, scratch free edging


Before & after care instructions:

Wash before and after use by hand or machine under 40 degrees Celsius.

Do not use detergents with fabric softeners or bleach. 20mls of vinegar is ok to use in the final wash rinse to soften the towel. To ensure your drying towel remains soft and fluffy, tumble dry on a cool setting or hand to drip dry indoors in a dust free, ventilated area (to prevent any particles attaching to it).


Directions of use:

After washing the vehicle, use the Cooper Kleen Drying Towel, starting with drying car windows followed by paintwork on the body of the car (top to bottom). Wring out excess water as necessary to prevent any smearing. Regularly check the towel for any dirt particles that may attach while drying to prevent possible micro-scratching.

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